Massachusetts Casino Trends Survey Reveals Some Surprises

Massachusetts Casino Trends Survey Reveals Some Surprises

A survey of more than 3,000 New England residents conducted this week by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth’s Center for Policy Analysis reveals some facts that are interesting Massachusetts’ casino-goer trends, and perhaps those of the world as an entire.

Those surveyed spanned five New England states, minus Vermont, and were not exclusively casino-goers. Of the surveyed, however, more than half, 52 per cent, engaged in some as a type of gambling, be it casino, lotto seats, or betting on sports.

Not Totally All Gamblers

The absolute most interesting outcome of the survey is the fact that of the who visited an area casino, nearly 20 % did maybe not gamble at all, and were presumably drawn entirely by the shopping or dining available at the casino. That is a razor-sharp enhance from just six years ago whenever a similar survey discovered that just 7 percent of casino site visitors did not gamble.

Among other findings, it had been discovered that casino-goers are investing less overall an average of, and travelling less to reach their gaming destination, no doubt a by-product of the struggling U.S. economy.

‘Convenience gamblers don’t care about bells and whistles, they desire to relax and play slot machines and they wish to do it near to home,’ said Clyde Barrow, executive director for the UMass center, who is been overseeing the annual study on area ga Continue reading “Massachusetts Casino Trends Survey Reveals Some Surprises”

Man Jumps from Casino Ship to Escape Loan Sharks

Man Jumps from Casino Ship to Escape Loan Sharks

Gambling on loan-shark borrowed money is all fun and games and soon you lose each of that money and are forced to remove to your skivvies and jump from your own floor that is third cabin aboard the casino ship that was the reason for your short-lived fun and subsequent woes, into the frigid waters of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor below.

A Chinese nationwide surnamed Lu found that out the difficult way last week, based on the china newsprint Ming Pao. He presumably borrowed HK$120,000 (approximately US$15,460) from loan sharks and embarked for a evening of gambling aboard the casino ship, which skirts (or rather sails) around Hong Kong’s strict gambling laws by sailing out into international waters, a ploy that is increasingly popular world over.

The ship was somewhere close to the Eastern Harbor Crossing Tunnel between Lei Yue Mun and Kwun Tong once the man made his escape attempt (the loan sharks were presumably on board with him) after burning through the lent cash. He wrapped his documents and exactly what little cash he had left in plastic, stripped down, donned a life jacket, and jumped from the screen of his cabin.

Rather than being free to swim to safety and make their wet way house however, he was acquired by another ship, which promptly brought him, soaking and sullen, to a nearby police section, and then after that to a medical facility for a check-up.

While the guy premiered by police and has not been charged with a Continue reading “Man Jumps from Casino Ship to Escape Loan Sharks”