Jose Canseco Loses a Finger, While Daniel Colman Wags One at Hellmuth

Jose Canseco Loses a Finger, While Daniel Colman Wags One at Hellmuth

Retired MLB star Jose Canseco lost a finger (again) within a poker competition week that is last.

Jose Canseco was the figure that is central a weekend for the poker globe that has been filled with fingers: some missing, some pointed at prominent names in the poker community. In Canseco’s case, he appears to have lost the finger that is same the second time in of a month, something that few people (with any luck) will ever get to experience.

In late October, Canseco ended up being in the headlines for inadvertently shooting himself in the hand. Based on Canseco, the incident happened while he was cleansing his gun in his kitchen. He wound up shooting their little finger, which then must be surgically reattached. It seems some surgeons are more skilled than others at digital fixes, however.

Finger Comes Off During Poker Tournament

According to a tweet sent out by Canseco on however, the finger became detached again while he was playing in a poker tournament Thursday evening friday.

‘ I was playing in a poker competition night that is last my hand fell of,’ Canseco tweeted. ‘Someone took a video from it.’

Fortunately, Canseco didn’t post that video, though there clearly was at least one expected image of his finger before it fell off. As gruesome due to the fact event may however sound, Canseco said that this result was inescapable from the time he shot himself.

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PokerStars Logs Out of Gray Markets in Africa and Middle East

PokerStars Logs Out of Gray Markets in Africa and Middle East

PokerStars has withdrawn from a bunch of gray market countries in the centre East and Africa. (Image:

PokerStars has ceased operations in many so-called market that is gray suddenly and without warning this week, utilizing the majority of the being in Africa and the center East. Players from both PokerStars and Comprehensive Tilt received notice through their clients and via email that real-money play was no longer available to these with immediate impact, along with the following explanation:

‘Our administration group regularly reviews our operation along side independent party that is 3rd to evaluate the business risk and opportunities for the brand name on a market-by-market basis. Following our most review that is recent it had been determined that we would no longer offer real cash games in your country.’

PokerStars was quick to reassure players that their balances could be safeguarded and available for withdrawal and that their accounts would remain open for play-money games. Tournament tickets, said the message, would be refunded.

‘they will automatically be converted into their equivalent cash value upon entering the Cashier,’ read the statement if you have any unused T$, T€ and/or Tournament Tickets in your account. ‘Freeroll and FPP buy-in tickets have no money that is real value, and tend to be therefore ineligible for credit.’

Why Now?

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Enjoy Atlantic City on Auction Block for $90 Million Starter Bid

Enjoy Atlantic City on Auction Block for $90 Million Starter Bid

Florida investor Glen Straub has kicked from the auction bidding on Revel for $90 million.

Atlantic City’s Revel Casino is up for auction grabs, and a Florida real estate designer has provided $90 million in money to purchase the house which was shut straight down for good week that is last. Glenn Straub, who owns the 22,000-acre Palm Beach Polo and Country Club in Wellington, Florida, will now get to be the ‘stalking horse,’ or bidder that is lead who may be outbid by competitors at an auction on September 24. Other possible buyers have actually until September 23 in order to make offers.

Straub said this week that his offer ended up being ‘an opportunity to turn things around. That’s what they need at this time; a direction that is new’ he included. ‘Give us our six months, and we’ll actually physically be open. In 2 years, we’ll be 100 % open.’

Which begs the question, just what is going to be open, precisely? This indicates unlikely that Straub will reopen Revel as being a casino; the Revel Casino project, after all, had been a cataclysmic $2.4 billion failure with huge costs that are operational had been hemorrhaging $2 million a week when it closed. And besides, it seems Straub includes a dislike that is personal of.

Casino Physician

‘When everyone thinks of Atlantic City, they think of casinos,’ Straub told USA Today, adding which he dislikes the idea of Atlantic City as a casino city and would be un Continue reading “Enjoy Atlantic City on Auction Block for $90 Million Starter Bid”