Las Las Vegas Cabbie Returns Huge Money Stash to Anonymous Poker Pro

Las Las Vegas Cabbie Returns Huge Money Stash to Anonymous Poker Pro

An honest Las Vegas cabbie made a find that is surprising the trunk of his cab this week (Image: Hendrik Holler / Getty Images)

UPDATE: December 27, 2013: for it: cab driver Gerardo Gamboa had a little merrier Christmas after receiving a $10,000 reward from the mystery poker player to whom the $300,000 in cash belonged, as well as another $1,000 from his employer Yellow Star cab and a $250 dining certificate although they usually say that no good deed goes unpunished, for once, someone who did the right thing has actually gotten rewarded.

Evidently like ransom cash the money, still bundled in those $5,000 wads, had been dropped off at undisclosed location by Mystery Poker Person for Gamboa’s good deed.

Day when you’re a Las Vegas cab driver, you never know who or what will end up in your taxi on any given. So veteran driver Gerardo Gamboa was unfazed when a Bellagio resort doorman, opening the cab’s rear door to assist a new customer in, noticed a brown paper bag left on the chair by the cab’s previous occupant, apparently. He didn’t also bother to check inside as soon as the doorman put it on his passenger chair until he got to a curiosity and light got the very best of him. Guessing that chocolates lay in delay, a peek was taken by him in, with illicit ideas in mind should his conjecture be correct.

‘What kind of chocolates are they?’ Gamboa pondered. ‘Are they good ones that I really could buy some for Continue reading “Las Las Vegas Cabbie Returns Huge Money Stash to Anonymous Poker Pro”

UK Bookmakers Threatened with Mandatory New Levy

UK Bookmakers Threatened with Mandatory New Levy

UK Shadow heritage Secretary Harriet Harman, who week that is last her plans for an extra levy on all kinds of sports betting, online and off. (Image:

The stock market had reacted defectively to news that great britain Labour Party is arranging a levy that is multimillion-pound all sports betting, online and off, should it is elected in 2015. Ladbrokes plc dropped 3.16 percent, while William Hill plc fell 2.88 percent immediately following the statement by Labour’s Shadow society Secretary Harriet Harman week that is last. The levy shall be much like that currently applied to horseracing betting, the revenue from which, some £82 million ($139.314 million) in 2014, is ploughed back into the horseracing industry.

More Money, More Sports

The scheme that is new section of Labour’s ‘More Sport for All’ incentive, which will start to see the extra revenue raised from sports gambling going mainly to the growth of grassroots activities, with some going to your treatment of problem gambling. Harman also said the introduction is being considered by her of a ‘proper levy’ on revenue derived by the Premier League from the purchase of soccer television rights, which is used on developing grassroots football.

‘we had been all proud to host the Olympics and Paralympic Games in London couple of years ago but alternatively of seeing increased involvement, things have got worse especially amongst young adults as a outcom Continue reading “UK Bookmakers Threatened with Mandatory New Levy”

Betsoft Receives Gaming License Suspension from Alderney

Betsoft Receives Gaming License Suspension from Alderney

Betsoft has fallen afoul regarding the Alderney Gambling Control Commission for as yet unspecified reasons. But could a 2013 court instance involving the Bubble Group hold the solution? (Image: Betsoft)

Digitus, the parent business of Dutch online gaming software provider Betsoft, has already established its gaming permit suspended with instant effect, although no one however the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) quite understands why. The AGCC, which regulates online gambling in the jurisdiction of Alderney, explained it had given a hearing notice under regulation 90 associated with the island’s gambling legislation and it has ordered that the company must suspend its operations pending that regulatory hearing.

Needless to say, we looked up Regulation 90 of the Alderney legislation so it sheds very little light on the matter just a couple of paragraphs of legalese about the executive director of the commission’s right to suspend gaming licenses where he sees fit, etc that you don’t have to and we’re afraid.

‘No Longer Suitable to carry a permit’

Talking of whom, André Wilsenach, the executive manager of the AGCC had this to say on the matter, during an interview that is exclusive our peers at Intergame: ‘I have enough grounds to believe Digitus is no longer suitable to put on a certification and therefore to offer solutions to our Category 1 licensees under their certificate. Ergo the explanation for Continue reading “Betsoft Receives Gaming License Suspension from Alderney”